29" x 10" x 11.5"
Edition of 12
Cost: $5800 cdn

Liberty was a bit of an “over the top” creative project that I had been thinking about for a number of years. However, I was shy (and everyone knows how shy I am) to discuss it with anyone even remotely connected with me assuming that such a discussion would be the final proof that I really was nuts. After my marriage to Martica in Cuba my life finally began to settle down and for a number of reasons I started to feel more confident that the project had merit. I was just married and wanted to spend a fair amount of time with my new wife and son but I was in a country that allowed me no priveledges. However, I felt I was justified requesting a prolonged stay if I was working and luckily Cuban Customs had allowed me to bring in my tools and wax. Unfortunately, it was illegal for me to hire a model and my Spanish was poquito so it was problematic to even think about beginning a human-form wax without a model. However, fate always seems to step in for me and this project was no exception. Martica and I were riding our bicycles one day far out in the countryside when we stopped for a rest in the shade beside a river. I was still thinking about a half-woman, half-cat bronze when I noticed a perfect branch for the cat-woman and asked Martica to climb out on the branch . Much to my surprise she agreed, fearlessly climbed out on the branch suspended over the river and she became the perfect inspiration for Liberty.